Jamie Gibbs – escape room reviewer & puzzle designer

Jamie Gibbs - escape room reviewer, creator of Armchair Escapist and puzzle designer

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I’m Jamie – I’m an escape room reviewer, puzzle designer and digital marketer.

I’m a thirty-something dude [he / him] from South Wales, UK, and I tick many of the bespectacled, bearded geek stereotypes. I enjoy creative writing, play Dungeons and Dragons, listen to heavy metal, I’ve built up a hefty dependence on coffee and I’m not a particular fan of natural daylight.

I got bitten by the escape room bug back in 2016 when Escape Rooms Cardiff opened up its first room – The Tomb.

I’ve made it my mission to play and review every escape room Wales has to offer. Armchair Escapist is my way of chronicling this and ensuring that Welsh escape venues have their time in the spotlight.

When the 2020 pandemic hit, escape rooms across the world shut down for months at a time. That’s when I started to play and review a lot more at-home escape game experiences, and that’s another rabbit hole I dove down with relish.

If you’re interested, take a look at my Review Policy to see how I cover escape games.

As well as being a player, I create escape room style games. For a selection of the games I’ve designed, take a look at my Game Design Portfolio.

I’m also an occasional guest on the escape room podcast The Infinite Escape Room, sometimes as a puzzle-solver, sometimes as a puzzlemaker (and one time as a Dungeon Master for their four-part D&D Special).