About Me

Howdy! Thanks for stopping by.

I’m Jamie – I run things here. I’m a writer, escape room fan and puzzle designer.

I’ve been playing escape rooms since they first hit the scene in Wales in 2016. My first room was The Tomb at Escape Rooms Cardiff. The thrill of cracking codes and opening locks became more than a little addicting. And, five years on, I’m pretty entrenched in the puzzle world.

Escape room reviews

All of my live and remote escape room reviews will be for games located in Wales. Other people have the rest of the UK covered, and Wales doesn’t get much time in the limelight. Plus it’s my home turf, so the rooms are easier to get to!

I usually play with my wife or with some of my fellow escape room bloggers. Though if I’m honest, I’m happy to have a go at a room with any group of enthusiastic players.

All reviews are spoiler-free and balanced. I don’t use a rating system since every review of these experiences are going to be subjective. My aim is to present the good and not-so-good things about the room and hope they help players choose their next escape game.

I also review play-at-home puzzle games. These include:

  • boxed escape game experiences
  • online puzzle hunts
  • puzzle subscription boxes


I’m a semi-regular guest on the escape room podcast The Infinite Escape Room, both as player and puzzle maker.

You can check out my episodes on the Infinite Escape Room Wiki.

I’m looking for any opportunity to flex my pod muscles. If you’re a podcaster in need of a guest, get in touch!

Puzzle design

I also design puzzles.

I’ve created three escape room experiences for a Cardiff-based company, and I’ve got a few free puzzle games available to play right here:

Play The Excavation- a 10-part puzzle adventure

Check out my free puzzles

I’ve also created a print-and-play escape kit that can be played at home with the family.

Check out Dragon Egg Quest

If you’re looking to create a puzzle experience and want to collaborate, please get in touch!

How do I get in touch with you?

So glad you asked! Head on over to the Contact Me page and there’s a whole range of options there.

I’m open to collaborating with puzzle makers, fellow escapees, escape room venues and companies working with puzzles or the escape room format. I review games, playtest and create puzzles. Drop me a line and say hi!