Jamie Gibbs

An excitable nerd whose escape room excitement outstrips his expertise, Jamie can often be found overcomplicating the simplest of puzzles. He's a proud Ravenclaw and is quite fond of the odd board game.


A bright, fun fairground game with solid puzzles


Whether you’re stuck indoors or fancy an armchair adventure, here are my top recommendations


A creative and fun adventure that’s perfect for history fans

Christmas puzzle cover

A quick, FREE Christmas puzzle


An immersive detective story with challenging puzzles and excellent attention to detail.

Post a Puzzle play at home game from Escape Rooms Cardiff

A fun, light puzzle gift that makes for a perfect birthday present.

Ancient Greek puzzle

A quick, FREE puzzle from The Excavation series.

The Infinite Escape Room logo

Featuring attack helicopters, handheld soup, and musical chairs.

A well-crafted puzzle adventure with a solid and compelling narrative.

Witchery Spell - Dark Park Games

A wonderfully immersive narrative puzzle game that puts a spell on you from the moment you open the box.