Puzzle pals

Here are some recommended places for you to visit if you’re an escape room or puzzle fan.

Review the Room

A UK escape room review blog run by Gord & Liz – two of the nicest folks in the scene you’re likely to meet. Their reviews are great to read, comprehensive and well respected by enthusiasts.

The Escape Roomer

Run by game designer and reviewer Mairi, who also streams digital escape games on her Twitch channel. Mairi has created some excellent games, including An Enola Holmes Adventure.

The Infinite Escape Room

A play-along audio escape room podcast that I sometimes guest on. Mike, Ben and a rotating roster of guests tackle a series of interconnected escape rooms. Great fun to listen and play along to.



Run by Brandon and Cici, ESCAPETHEROOMers is arguably one of the most prolific escape room review sites on the planet. They also run the Behind the Masterminds series where they interview game creators.

Escape the Review

Escape the Review is the place to go to find out a) what escape room you should play next, and b) whether it’s any good. Any enthusiast worth their salt uses this. Check out owner Toby’s incredible escape game flow chart!

Escape Mattster

Primarily covering play-at-home escape games and brick-and-mortar rooms in California, Matt’s reviews are incredibly comprehensive and easy for would-be players to find out if a game is for them.