Whether you’re stuck indoors or fancy an armchair adventure, here are my top recommendations

The Infinite Escape Room logo

Featuring attack helicopters, handheld soup, and musical chairs.

The Infinite Escape Room logo

A sack full of M&Ms! N64 games in a bag of blood! Obscure death metal bands!

Mysterious map heist review image

An adventure-filled puzzle hunt with great personality.

Need to scratch that escape itch? These Welsh escape venues have you covered.

The Infinite Escape Room logo

Dancing skeletons! A stinky waterlogged trench! Someone’s half-eaten lunch!

How to support local escape rooms during coronavirus

Worried about the global impact of COVID-19 and also want to keep supporting the hobby?

January escape room Wales update

Here’s a quick rundown of new rooms, closures and promotions going on in Wales this month.

Cardiff Science Festival header

Cardiff’s Exitus Escape teams up with Tenovus Cancer Care to promote cancer-battling research. And during Cardiff Science Festival, it’s free to play!

What's coming up for Armchair Escapist in 2020

As we close the book on another year, here’s what I’ve got planned for Armchair Escapistin the coming year.