ClueQuest – Mechanics of the Heart


A charming and beautiful game that’s perfect for date night

Date played: 16 February 2021
Team: Jamie & Mim
Time to finish: 1hr 23 mins


Mr. and Mrs. Q’s helpful and reliable reconnaissance droid, MM7, is starting to ask questions all robots inevitably ask, “What is Love?” and “How do you know you’re loved?”

You’ll be tasked to help MM7 decipher the complex and puzzling ways of love in our world in order to help focus him on our daily mission to save the world from the villainous network of the Evil Professor.

I bought this game with the intention of playing it over the Valentine’s weekend, but you know … life.

I’ve heard so many good things about the Print+Cut+Escape series I knew this would be a great chance to dive into the series.

So we finally made time a bit after Valentine’s, poured out the wine, put on some soft jazz and dove in.

And we had a blast!

A beautifully produced game

This is one gorgeous game.

Every page is chock full of beautifully detailed illustrations that seamlessly blend puzzles in among the artwork.

The theme is all about love, and that’s what you get in spades. As you progress through the game, you almost follow the timeline of a relationship: from that initial meet cute and

The theme is all about love, and that’s what you get in spades. As you progress through the game, you almost follow the timeline of a relationship: from that initial meet cute and first date all the way up to an aging couple reminiscing about their shared memories.

Woven throughout this is the adorable bot MM7 who, just like Foreigner, wants to know what love is.

The interaction with MM7 is heartwarming, and its attempts at romancing the players are full of charm.

Excellent puzzle flow that encourages teamwork

The game is laid out into chapters so it’s quite linear, and at each stage your friend MM7 tells you which pages are relevant for each puzzle. This saved us so much back-and-forth and potential head-scratching as to what we were meant to focus on.

Given the level of detail in the illustrations, good observation skills are needed for this one, with some sequencing and physical manipulation thrown in for good measure.

There were two puzzles in particular that we enjoyed – one involved us only having half the information each and needing to properly work together in order to solve it, which was really cool.

The other gave us a satisfying a-ha moment and really played to the print-and-play medium.

The final puzzle was a bit of a challenge for us, and we’d got ourselves completely stuck. There was a particular aspect of the puzzle that we hadn’t grasped and I think needed a bit more signposting for us to have gotten it without copious hints.

Wonderful personalised elements

We used a few hints for Mechanics of the Heart, particularly on the final puzzle. The hints were a standard graded system split by puzzle, and let us solve things without too much hand-holding.

I’d heard that a fair chunk of time was needed to cut out everything in a ClueQuest game, but Mechanics of the Heart seemed just fine for me (I later heard it’s on the lower end of the scale for potential carpel-tunnel-inducing games).

There’s a wonderful element of personalisation in the game where you can customise part of the experience to surprise your significant other with inside jokes, pet names and precious memories. This made the whole experience a lot more intimate and special.

The perfect date night game

Mechanics of the Heart was a joy to play. It’s riddled with charm and personality, and we had loads of fun with it.

I’d highly recommend this game for couples wanting to do something different on date night. Pour yourself a glass of red, lower the lights and get romantic!

Mechanics of the Heart
Cost: £15 for print at home; £25 for print & post
Duration: 90 mins
: Computer / phone with internet connection, printer, scissors, torch