How to support Welsh escape rooms during the coronavirus pandemic

How to support local escape rooms during coronavirus

Worried about the global impact of COVID-19 and also want to keep supporting the hobby?

We’re living in uncertain times, that’s for sure.

You don’t need me to tell you – the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has hit fast and hit hard.

The UK’s situation is changing by the day. At the time of writing, people are being urged to avoid social spaces including pubs and theatres. The venues themselves, strangely, aren’t being told to close by the government. You can draw your own conclusions from that.

Add to that the general state of hyper-vigilance about unnecessary touching and you can see how escape room venues are beginning to suffer under the current situation.

Most venues are seeing dwindling customers. Many may have to close for a period of time. Some may not re-open afterwards.

One way to support these venues and stay within the guidelines of social distancing is to buy a gift voucher. You get to play an escape room in the near future, and the company still gets some income during these troubled times. Win-win!

Here’s a list of all the venues in Wales that offer gift vouchers (as far as I could see on their website). I’ve put them in alphabetical order.

Welsh escape rooms that offer gift vouchers

AdventureRooms, Cardiff, Bridgend – Available to buy on their website.

AlphaOps, Newport – Vouchers available between £10 and £100.

Beyond Breakout, Newtown – get in touch with the venue to arrange a gift voucher.

Breakout Live, Swansea – vouchers available for 2-6 players.

City Mazes, Cardiff – Gift cards available at £25 each.

Escape Blackwood, Blackwood – £15 vouchers and adult/child tickets available.

Escape Reality, Cardiff – get in touch with the venue to arrange a gift voucher.

Escape Rooms Cardiff, Cardiff – Vouchers for 2-5 people. Free postage.

Exitus Escape Rooms, Cardiff – Get in touch with the venue to arrange a gift voucher. Currently with 10% off the booking price.

Locked In North Wales, Abergele – Vouchers for 2-6 people.

Mansion of Mystery, Haverfordwest – Gift vouchers available for 2-6 people.

Tenby’s Great Escape, Tenby – Gift vouchers available for 2-6 people.

The Escape Game, Swansea – Vouchers available between £10 and £50 (valid for six months)

The Escape Game, Camarthen – Gift vouchers for 2-6 people.

The Escape Rooms, Newport – Get in touch with the venue to arrange a gift voucher.

Ultimate Xscape, Aberystwyth – Gift vouchers available for 2-6 people.

If you’re an owner or know of a venue not on this list, let me know!

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