Here’s the ‘covering my own rear’ section of the website. If you wanted to know more about how I get to play most of the rooms, or how (if at all) this blog is funded, then read on!

Armchair Escapist is a personal blog written and edited by me – Jamie. I’m basically a one-man band, so be nice.


Occasionally, I’m lucky enough to have escape room owners offer me a complimentary escape room experience in exchange for a review.

Where this is the case I state it clearly at the end of the review, and I’ll do my best to ensure that it doesn’t affect my opinion of the game. In adherence to Google’s best practice guidelines, any room that I play for free will have all links to the venue marked as ‘nofollow’.


Dotted around the site you may see banners and text links to certain escape room related products. These are affiliate links – if you use the link before you buy anything from that website, I’ll get a small percentage of the sale as a thank you for sending you their way.

This doesn’t affect the price you pay whatsoever – it just supports me a little, for which I’m very grateful.