FREE PUZZLE: Curing the dragon

Cure the Dragon puzzle image

See if you can solve this magic-themed puzzle. Enter your answer below to check if you’re right! Please enter your answer in lower case and without spaces e.g. happyhalloween.

Thanks to the Society of Curiosities for the theme suggestion! If you haven’t already, check out their Kickstarter campaign – Fairy Tale Files.

What magic word does Saria need to finish the potion?

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Sources / thanks

Thanks to Mim Gibbs, Harri Gibbs, Lia Kelly, Michelle Rundbaken and Yacine Merzouk for playtesting this puzzle!

Zodiac symbols by Chaiconator from the Noun Project
Dragon by Saeful Muslim from the Noun Project
Paper Texture by ChrisFielder on Pixabay
Vintage bottles from Rawpixel
Post-it note from OpenClipArtVectors on Pixabay
Coffee stains by ElisaRiva on Pixabay