5 escape room archetypes that every team needs

Top five escape room archetypes every team needs

Who’d have thought the five escape room personalities are basically The Breakfast Club?

You wrangle your smartest friends to try out an escape room. Right, your inner monologue begins, these are the nerdiest people I know. Success is guaranteed!

Except that’s not what happens. You hit the first puzzle that doesn’t rely on logic or maths, and you hit a brick wall. Cue 20 minutes of screaming and arguing before severying ties with your so-called friends forever.

Variety is the spice of life, and so escape room success requires a mix of different personalities. And, coincidentally, these personalities match up almost seamlessly with characters from The Breakfast Club.

The Numberphile

aka The Brain

The brains of the operation. The Numberphile is the one you can always rely on to make a beeline towards any maths or classic logic puzzles.

Algebra? No problem. Number sequences? A cake walk. Having a single Numberphile on the team is a great asset for many classic escape room puzzles. But having more than one can cause your whole dynamic slow down, so be warned.

The Competitor

aka the Athlete

A good one to have on your team, the Competitor has one eye on the exit door and one eye on the clock at all times.

Their main goal is to escape in the fastest time possible – all other concerns are secondary. The Competitor is likely the one in your group with the least number of failed escapes under their belt. They’re also liable to be the loudest one in the room, co-ordinating everyone’s efforts.

The Lateral Thinker

aka the Basket Case

Arguably the most creative of the bunch. The Lateral Thinker is the one who’ll make seemingly huge leaps of logic and quite tenuous connections between puzzles, only to be proven right once you try it out.

They’re the ones who’ll look under the bureau for a hidden key, or breathe on every mirror in case there are hidden clues.

The Lateral Thinker can be led down the rabbit hole of ‘what if’ quite easily, so it’s up to the rest of the team to rein them in.

The Enthusiast

aka The Princess

You’d be forgiven for thinking that The Enthusiast is both keen and green. But this isn’t about how experienced they are – the Enthusiast is there for maximum enjoyment.

They’re the ones who cheer loudest when you crack a lock. They’re the ones who frantically zoom about the room in those first few minutes. And they’re often the first one to dress up, given half a chance.

If morale is starting to flag, look to The Enthusiast for a little bit of a boost. However, their unbridled enthusiasm for the game might distract them from getting down to business, so take care.

The Savvy Escapist

aka the Criminal

They’ve seen it all. Combination locks, directional locks, mag locks, secret doors, the works.

The Savvy Escapist knows all the tricks of the trade and uses this to their advantage.

If they have three numbers on a combination lock, they’ll just use trial and error to get the fourth.

When they enter the room they’ll be able to spot the set pieces that are meant to open at a later point, saving you precious searching time.

However, they may not do so well in unfamiliar territory. If they come across a puzzle or lock that’s brand-new to them, they may become more of a burden to your team.

Which archetype are you?

Which ofthese escape room archetypes applies to you? Are there any that you think I’ve missed out? Let me know in the comments!

Also, if you’ve not seen The Breakfast Club, I highly recommend that you do – it’s one of the top 80s films for a reason.

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