The Excavation: Start here

Welcome to The Excavation! This is a 10-puzzle series that sees you navigate into the depths of an Egyptian tomb. Will you solve the puzzles and claim your prize at the end? Or will you remain there forever like many before you?

You may find it useful to keep a note of your answers. They may come in useful later.

On the third week of the excavation, you finally found it. The entrance.

Sealed shut and bearing a curse to the unworthy, the door to the tomb has four shapes carved into it. You feel like you should press one. But which?

At your side you see a carving in the rock.

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Hint 1
Take a closer look at the poem. Notice anything?
Hint 2
The shapes are under particular letters in the poem.
Hint 3
Every shape is different – does that help with the order of the letters?
Hit the shape marked SPEAR.