Free Puzzle: What shall we play next?

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See if you can solve this board game themed puzzle! The answer is a single word.

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Hint 1
The best way to solve this is to play the game!
Hint 2
It looks like someone’s already rolled the dice for you?

Hint 3
What do those lines mean on each die? And why is one die blank?

Hint 4
The number of dots (pips) on each dice tells you how far you should move each turn.

Hint 5
Now you know how far to move, how do you know what order to use the dice?

Hint 6
The horizontal and vertical lines on the dice give away the order, so the die with five pips and one stripe is your starting point.

Hint 7
Your first move is five spaces, which puts you on a ladder. You should then move up to space 20.

Hint 8
There are 26 numbered spaces altogether. Curious, that …

Hint 9
Each space corresponds to a letter of the alphabet, so A=1, B=2, C=3.

Hint 10
That means your first space – 20 – corresponds with the letter S

Hint 11
Taking your next few moves, you’ll land on spaces 15 (after sliding down the snake at 23), 18, 18 again (hitting the STOP space means your next move is zero), 25 (after following the arrow from 24) and the ! at the end

Converting those numbers to letters, you get S O R R Y !. The answer is Sorry!