Game Design Portfolio

I’m a freelance escape room and puzzle game designer. If you’d like to chat about a project, please get in touch!

Check out these puzzles that I’ve made:

The Infinite Escape Room

An audio escape room podcast, I’ve designed both short, standalone puzzles as well as full puzzle games that span an entire episode.

I was also the GM in a four-part Dungeons & Dragons special of the podcast.

I’ve created a few escape room games for as part of their team building and fun events.

  • Escape the office party – A 15-minute escape room for teams of two, created within one of their meeting rooms.
  • Zombie Outbreak – A 20-minute escape room for teams of two, created in one of their meeting rooms.
  • Heist Crate: The Jewels of Cleopatra – A 20-minute ‘escape room in a box’ experience for teams of two.

Armchair Escapist

I’ve created a number of puzzles, both free-to-play and for sale.

Puzzles for sale

  • Dragon Egg Quest – A print-and-play puzzle game and treasure hunt for kids and families, themed around collecting stolen dragon eggs

Free puzzles

Get in touch

Let me know if you want to collaborate or chat about a project!