Hello 2020!

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What's coming up for Armchair Escapist in 2020

As we close the book on another year, here’s what I’ve got planned for Armchair Escapist in the coming year.

So 2019 is all over. It’s been quite the year. Back in April, I decided to change tack and switch my focus from a generalised ‘geeky events in Wales’ blog, to something entirely dedicated to escape rooms.

And boy, has it been fun.

I’ve met some fantastic escape room owners, puzzle makers and enthusiasts over the past few months. A couple of highlights from me:

  • Attending the Escape Room Industry Conference (ERIC) and listening to some inspiring and enteraining talks about the industry and puzzle design. My thanks to Gord at Review the Room without whom I likely wouldn’t have been able to attend.
  • Appearing on an episode of The Infinite Escape Room podcast. I’ve been a listener for quite a while and it was a pleasure to craft some puzzles for them on two occasions.

I had aimed to have played every escape room in Cardiff by the end of 2019, but another five rooms opened up in the last few weeks and scuppered that goal.

But I’m not one to rest on my laurels – let’s run into 2020 with gusto!

My aims for 2020 are:

  • Play every escape room in South Wales – at the moment I’ve another 9 to go.
  • Record a pilot episode of a podcast idea I’ve had brewing for a few months.
  • Attend and give a lightning talk at ERIC 2020.
  • Publish the first ‘issue’ of the Puzzle Pamphlet I’ve been working on.

My plans for 2020:

  • Publish a monthly update of escape rooms in Wales, including new rooms, closures, changes and offers.
  • Publish a monthly / bi-monthly design diary to record the progress I make on the Puzzle Pamphlet and another project that requires learning Arduino from scratch.
  • Reviews of play-at-home escape experiences, including subscription boxes, escape puzzle books, mobile apps and more.

Anything you’d like to see from this site in 2020? Any rooms you think I should play? Get in touch and let me know!