Escapades – Loot Per Suit


A fun way to recreate the escape room experience at home

Date played: 10 February 2021
Team: Jamie & Mim
Time to finish: 40 minutes

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One of the things I miss most about brick-and-mortar escape rooms is the goold-old feeling of popping locks. Play-at-home games just can’t scratch that itch, you know?

Escapades is just the thing to scratch that itch. An escape game kit that you set up in the house to reclaim some of that feeling of discovery. And it has real locks!


The Charlton Boys are a band of robbers formed in East London who are thought to have been involved in several recent high profile thefts from some of the most secure locations all over Europe and beyond.

Museums seem to house their favourite targets.

Nobody knows when or where the gang will strike until it is too late and another precious artifact is missing…

Great materials that help bring back that escape room feel

Loot Per Suit has a great mix of quality physical componants, and each discovery led to more things that I could interact with.

The game took place over two ‘locations’, and used items from around the house to maintain the theme.

The setup instructions were easy to follow and I’d got everything ready in under 15 minutes.There were one or two locations I needed to fudge, like using a little drawing with word ‘plant’ written on it. The Escapades website has a list of things that you need from around your house – just make sure you pay more attention to it than I did!

There’s a pretty good online component to the game and I think a little more could be done with it to keep it in with the theme.

Really good puzzle mix and smooth flow

We finished the game without using any hints. There was good puzzle flow throughout the game and at no point did we find ourselves really stuck.

Being the person who set up the room didn’t put me at any major advantage since everything was pretty easy to find. It was really good to be able to still play the game properly even though I was the one setting everything up.

There were some really cool and unique puzzles in this game, and many of them were quite tactile. It did a good job at recreating that same level of interaction of a real escape room.

Loot Per Suit has a neat deduction element to it that ties into one of the core puzzles, with a neat take on a classic puzzle component that I enjoyed using.

There was one component that I’d hoped had been used a bit more – it was referenced a few times throughout the game and only got one real chance in the spotlight, which was a shame.

The final solution to get into the last box was a really nice, multi-stepped puzzle that had the right level of challenge and made us feel pretty smart for making the right connections.

Easy to set up and slightly customisable

Most hints seem to point the player to what material they need, which is great. I’d have liked to see a step between that and the solution that nudges them towards how to use that material to solve the puzzle.

The final box of the game was left open so I could add some extra goodies in for an added victory (I went with chocolates, of course).

Both the setup and reset instructions were clear and easy to follow, and everything was reset in minutes.

A great initiative from Escapades is that they have a buy-back scheme to help reduce carbon emissions. After playing the game, you can send the game back (freepost) and get £10 credit. Get some cash back, help out the environment – it’s win win!

Perfect for lockdown escapes

Loot Per Suit is a really fun way to recreate the escape room experience at home. I’d recommend this game for anyone stuck at home and wanting to scratch that itch. The challenge level is good for both families or couples, and I think everyone will get a kick out of running around the house busting locks.

LootPer Suit
Designed by Escapades
: £40 (£10 back if you return the components)
Duration: 90 mins
: Computer / phone with internet access,1 bag, 1 jacket, 1waste paper bin, 1 lamp, 1 oven, 1 sofa

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Disclosure: We were offered a complimentary game for the purposes of writing a fair and honest review. This has not affected our opinion of the game whatsoever. Check out the disclosure policy for more info.