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A fun, light puzzle gift that makes for a perfect birthday present.

Played 23 November 2020 
2-player team: Jamie & Mim
Completed in 44 mins

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As many of you know, my speciality with live escape rooms is that I cover the Welsh escape scene. Then, when the first lockdown hit, I started looking at play-at-home games.

As luck would have it, the stars would align when Escape Rooms Cardiff created their play-at-home game – Post-a-Puzzle. How could I say no to a play-at-home game created by a Welsh escape room?


Post-a-Puzzle is for any occasion or just a nice way to keep in touch and let someone know you’re thinking about them.

Upload a funny photo with your message along with an image maybe of a gift or even better, a video of its hiding place! 

You can even add confetti!

Theme: light fun with good quality materials

More often than not, puzzle games are filled with peril. You’re either rushing to stop a bomb, or solve a murder, or race against the clock to find some precious doohickey.

It was nice to get a refreshing change of pace with Post-a-Puzzle. The bright, vibrant colours and the distinct lack of theme made for a more easy-going puzzle-solving experience.

Don’t get me wrong, I still set a stop watch to make sure I finished in under an hour!

The addition of bio-degradable confetti is a nice touch that adds to the overall aesthetic of the game. If you’re planning on sending one out as a birthday gift, don’t skimp on the confetti.

All of the materials were great quality. One of the pages would have benefitted from being slightly thicker due to what you needed to do to it, but we solved the puzzle without any issues.

Puzzles: an eclectic mix with some satisfying solutions

There are 10 puzzles to solve, the answers to which are all numeric. The game is non-linear and almost all puzzles are self-contained, though you’ll need to have solved them all to get the final passcode.

There’s a good puzzle mix here, with a selection of maths, observation, logic, dexterity and lateral thinking. One of the puzzles may require some outside knowledge / Google-fu, depending on your grasp of geography.

The puzzle flow was good, and we were able to grasp what we needed to do pretty quickly. Where we were stumped was largely down to observation or me writing down the wrong answer (yeah…).

One of the later puzzles was a lovely multi-step puzzle with some great wordplay. It reminded me of the kind of puzzles you’d find in the Hincks-ville games from Bluefish Games, which I adore. There was also some excellent confirmation of your answer in that puzzle.

Hints / experience: graded hints and personalised payoff

We used one hint when we were stumped with an earlier puzzle, and I realised I was overcomplicating the solution (yet again!).

Post-a-Puzzle uses a graded hint system, which let me get back on track without spoiling the answer for myself.

You can personalise your game with a message, image or video. There’s also the option to add high street vouchers if you’re sending as a gift.

It was a bit clunky having such a long password to input. And as you’d expect, I got one digit wrong so had to retype the whole thing again. I recommend having a notes app to hand so you can copy/paste the code and make any changes on the fly.

Summary: an excellent birthday gift

I fully plan on sending a Post-a-Puzzle to family members on their birthday next year. It’s a fun puzzle experience that looks great and has a satisfying, personalised ending.

We played as a duo but solo players would have zero problems playing this (and given that it’s designed as a gift, playing solo is recommended).

Post-a-Puzzle is a bright, fun game that makes a perfect birthday or Christmas gift. Check it out!

Designed by Calum Jones and Irina Simões
From £12.99
Duration: 60 minutes
Computer / phone with Internet access, a notepad app for copy/pasting your final answer (optional).

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Disclosure: We were offered a complimentary game for the purposes of writing a fair and honest review. This has not affected our opinion of the game whatsoever. Check out the disclosure policy for more info.