Review policy

All of the reviews I write aim to be honest, balanced and give a fair representation about what players can expect.

Here’s what I cover in these reviews:

  • Theme / immersion: How well-built is the game? Does the overall concept work? Did the puzzles work with the narrative?
  • Puzzles: Was the difficulty level right? Was there a good puzzle flow? Were the puzzles used in clever ways?
  • Player experience: Was there a good GM / hint system? What was my general experience of the company?

I don’t use star ratings in my reviews. I’ve nothing against them, but I know that my reviews are subjective, however much I try to make it otherwise. So a 5-star game from me might only be 3 stars to many other people based on their preferences and experience level.

Instead, I’ll make a recommendation of the room for who I think might enjoy it.

Occasionally I’m lucky enough to be asked to write a review in exchange for a free or discounted game. Where this is the case, I’ll clearly say this at the bottom of the review. I do my best to make sure that comped games don’t affect my opinion of the game and that the reviews stay fair and balanced.

I’ll also make sure that any links to the company are marked as sponsored, in line with Google’s rules on comped reviews.

Are you a game owner and would like a review?

Please get in touch and tell me about your game!