Play at home puzzle games

Post a Puzzle play at home game from Escape Rooms Cardiff

A fun, light puzzle gift that makes for a perfect birthday present.

A well-crafted puzzle adventure with a solid and compelling narrative.

Witchery Spell - Dark Park Games

A wonderfully immersive narrative puzzle game that puts a spell on you from the moment you open the box.

Panic in Space review Escape Kit

A light space game that might be fun for kids but with a steep price tag

Movember Escape room - Deadlocked

A superb entry point into the Wexell-verse that’s funny and full of heart.


One of the most immersive and satisfying escape games I’ve played.

An Enola Holmes Adventure - Escape Hunt review

The game is afoot in this wonderful tie-in to the Netflix adventure.

A Death in the Red Light review header

A wonderfully polished game that blends the play-at-home escape experience with an interactive noir detective novel.