Top podcasts for escape room fans

From actual-play podcasts to insider tips, there’s something for everyone here.

When I’m not playing escape rooms or writing about escape rooms or talking to people about escape rooms, I like to listen to podcasts about escape rooms.

Yes, I do have a one-track mind.

These five podcasts here are my personal favourites. No doubt there are many more out there, so please let me know if you have any recommendations!

The Infinite Escape Room logo

The Infinite Escape Room

One of my go-to escape room podcasts, and not just because I’m a guest puzzler on there from time to time.

The Infinite Escape Room sees a group of geographically diverse chums each craft and solve a series of puzzles within a given theme.

The puzzles are challenging and their chemistry is great to listen to.

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GM the GM pocast logo

Gem the GM

An excellent inside look at running an escape room from a Games Master.

Gemma is a great host who runs through the ins and outs of running a game and what does on behind the scenes.

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3D Escape Room: Frequency logo

3D Escape Room: Frequency

A superb audio escape room that plays incredibly well within the limitations of the format. You have an hour to decipher a series of alarming recordings before the government catches up with you.

There’s an intuitive hint system built into the audio itself. It’s a feat of puzzle design and definitely worth checking out.

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Escape This Podcast logo

An in-depth let’s play escape room podcast with a running narrative across multiple episodes.

Not only has this podcast attracted some high puzzler talent (they’ve an episode with Neil Patrick Harris as guest), they also release their episodes as playable adventures, D&D style!

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Escape This Podcast

Room Escape Divas logo

Room Escape Divas

Room Escape Divas cover pretty much everything you want to know in the industry – tips on playing, tips on creating puzzles, interviews with high profile enthusiasts and room designers.

There’s something for everyone here, so be sure to check them out.

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Who’ve I missed? Are there any podcasts that you’d recommend? Let me know!

Top 5 podcasts for escape room fans