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Last updated: May 2021

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When are escape rooms in Wales open again?

In line with Welsh Government guidelines, escape rooms in Wales can’t re-open until at least 17 May.

Many Welsh escape rooms have announced their opening dates. Here’s what we know so far – this list will be updated as and when each venue sets a date.


17 May
AdventureRooms Cardiff
Escape Reality (use code WEAREBACK50 for half-price rooms on weekdays)
Escape Rooms Cardiff
Exitus Escape Rooms

Newport & South Wales

17 May
Adventure Rooms Bridgend
Escape Blackwood
VR Experience Wales, Abercarn

Swansea & West Wales

St. Davids Escape Room (Low Ropes Course only)

17 May
Breakout Live Swansea
Tenby’s Great Escape
The Escape Game Carmarthen

19 May
Mansion of Mystery, Pembrokeshire

21 May
The Escape Game Swansea

Mid Wales

18 May
Beyond Breakout, Newtown

29 May
Ultimate Xscape

North Wales

Scuba Escape, Llanberis

17 May
Ultimate Escape, Llandudno

19 May
Locked In North Wales, Abergele

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Cardiff escape rooms

Exitus Escape Rooms

90A Queen St
CF10 2GR

Prices start at £12 per person

Check out this interview with Exitus Cardiff

– The Curse of Senutep (2-6 players)
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– Virus Tinkerers (2-6 players)
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Previous rooms

– Plague
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– Christmas Chaos
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Escape Rooms Cardiff

119 St Mary St
CF10 1DY

Prices start at £16 per person

Check out this sneak-peek at Escape Rooms Cardiff

Previous rooms

Escape Reality

2nd & 3rd Floor
6-7 St John Street
CF10 1GJ

Prices start at £15  per person

Check out this sneak peek of Escape Reality

– Jungala (2-6 players)
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– Enigmista (2-6 players)
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– Misery (2-6 players)
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– Fibonacci (2-6 players)
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– Alcatraz (2-6 players)
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– The Heist (2-6 players)


5a, Longcross Court
47 Newport Rd
CF24 0AD

Prices start  at £16 per person

– Mad Scientist (2-7 players)
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– The Black Queen (2-7  players)
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– Mafia (2-7 players)
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City Mazes
Play at Pins
9-11 The Hayes
CF10 1AH

Prices start from £25 per person

– Subject 11 (2-10 players)
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– Atomic Agency (2-10 players)

– Hostage Hostel II (2-10 players)

– The Runner (2-10 players)

– Ice Breaker
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– Fall-In
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– Twisted Heaven
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–  Bamboozled
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– Pirates of the Bay
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South Wales escape rooms

The Escape Rooms

High St
NP20 1GG

Prices start from £15 per person

Check out this sneak peek of The Escape Rooms

– Torture Corp (2-7 players)
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Also available in co-op mode

– Torture Corp Cymraeg (2-7 players)

– Host (2-6 players)

Time-travel themed room

Alpha Ops

4E Mariner Way
NP19 4PQ

Prices start from £24 per person
Two-hour total experience

  • Alpha Ops Original (2-8 players)
  • Alpha Ops Junior (2-8 players)
    Suitable for ages 10-14


27 Caroline street,
CF31 1DW

Prices start at £16 per person

– Mad Scientist (2-6 players)
Read the review (Cardiff venue)

– Sabotage (2-6 players)

Escape Blackwood

Unit 3A
Newbridge Industrial Estate
NP12 2XF

Prices are £15 per adult and £12.50 per child under 12.

– Zombie Escape (2-6 players)

– Wizard Escape (2-6 players)
Can also be played in Welsh

– Hotel Crime Scene (2-6 players)
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– Jumunga (2-6 players)
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Barred Puzzle Rooms

The Coach and Horse Inn
NP26 5AX

Game time is 50 mins.

– Archaeological Acquisition (2-4 players)

– Wizards’ Hollow (2-4 players)

– Demonic Dash (2-4 players)

– Christmas Chaos

VR Experience Wales

Unit 13A
Darren Drive
Prince Of Wales Industrial Estate
NP11 5AR

Prices start from £15 per person

  • ARVI VR Escape Game (2-4 players)
  • Incarna Escape Games (2-4 players)
  • The Lost Pyramid (2-4 players)
  • Meduca Gate (2-4 players)
  • The Dagger of Time (2-4 players)
  • Mr Hairy Navel Escape Games (2-4 players)

Swansea & West Wales escape rooms

Mansion of Mystery
Picton Castle & Gardens,
the Rhos,
SA62 4AS

Prices start at £18 per person

– The Time Machine (2-6 players)

– Espionage – Final Selection

Tenby’s Great Escape

Heatherton World of Activities B4318
SA70 8RJ

Prices start at £18 per person

– Captain’s Treasure Room (2-6 players)

– The Wizard’s Lair (2-6 players)

– The Tenby Asylum (2-6 players)

The Escape Game Swansea

First Floor
222 Neath Road

Prices start at £16 per person

– Gold Rush (2-6players)

– Prison Van (2-6 players)

– Alcatraz (2-6 players)

– Hostel (2-6 players)

– Wild West (2-6 players)

The Escape Game Carmarthen

1 Priory St
SA31 1LS

Prices start at £16 per person

– Depth Charge (2-6 players)

– Oubliette (2-6 players)

– Lunar Base Alpha (2-6 players)

Breakout Live Swansea

31 The Kingsway

Prices start at £14 per person

– Mumbles Bunker (2-6 players)
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– Voyager (2-6 players)
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– Prison Strike (2-6 players)

St. Davids Escape Room

East Farm
SA62 6DE

Prices start at £10 per person
St. David’s Escape runs May – September, and then open by request over the winter.

– Cave escape (3-6 players)
Four levels of difficulty

– Low Ropes Escape Course

Mid Wales escape rooms

Beyond Breakout
4th Floor, Royal Welsh Warehouse 
Pryce Jones Building
SY16 1BJ

Prices start at £15 per person
£50 per team for remote game

– Adventures in Puzzleland (2-6 players)

– Puzzle Land Live
Read the review
Remote avatar version of Adventures in Puzzleland

– The Mask (2-6 players)

– An Elfin’ Mistake!
Remote avatar room

Llanfyllin Workhouse
Unit 9, Y Dolydd
SY22 5LD

Prices start at £15 per person

– Escape the Cursed Galleon (2-6 players)

Ultimate Xscape

Llywernog Silver Mine,
SY23 3AB

Prices start at £15 per person

  • Jack the Ripper (2-6 players)
  • Diamond Heist (2-6 players)

North Wales escape rooms

Locked In North Wales

Stanley House
Bridge Street
LL22 7HA

Prices start from £16 per person

– Black & White (2-6 players)
– The Mad Scientist (2-6 players)
– CSI Crime Scene (2-6 players)
– Prisoner of War (2-6 players)
– Mad Hatter (2-6 players)

Ultimate Escape

The Old Stables
1 Garage St
LL30 1DW

Prices start at £16 per person

– CSI  Murder Mystery
– Escape from the Future

PaniQ Rooms

Pop-up escape room – three miles from Porthmadog centre

Prices start from £16 per person

  • Madog’s Asylum (2-8 players)
  • The Doll’s House (at-home escape game – local delivery only)

Scuba Escape

Vivian Dive Centre
LL55 4TY

Prices start from £220 for a total 4-hour experience

  • Operation Z (2-6 players)
  • Countdown (2-6 players)
  • Money Heist (2-6 players)
  • Treasure of Syreni (2-6 players)
  • Murder Mystery (2-6 players
  • Save Vivovi (2-6 players)

Do you know of a Welsh escape room that’s not on this list? Get in touch and let me know!